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May 13, 2019

Why a Face Oil (or Serum) is the Priciest Item in Your Beauty Routine

A good skincare product is like your best friend - she’s there for you on your best and worst days. Even while you’re going through tough times, she diligently makes sure you don’t have to look like it. She knows that your skin is one of the first places to betray the evidence of all those late nights out and stress from tough days at the office, and she’s there to do her best to keep your face in tip-top shape so that day won’t arrive. She knows that there’s only so much that makeup can do; makeup a good foundation can be handy to hide all the imperfections you wish to ignore, she is there to address your concerns and leave your skin healthy enough so you don’t have to. With her aid, you can put that highlighter down and enjoy a  real  natural glow.

Only the best

A quality face oil is your most effective solution to achieving a beautiful complexion that will leave you feeling more confident and glamorous from the inside out. And, just like with a best friend, that’s why not just  any  option will do. Many women search far and wide without finding the ideal oil for unique skincare concerns and needs. They look in drugstores and popular retailers and end up finding generic products with toxic and aggressive ingredients that dactually cause more damage to the skin in the long run. Hence, where the term "investment" comes in when discussing good skincare.

Makeup has its limits

This is the most essential reason to invest in your skincare oil. With a product like Afterglow, you’ll be able to rely on your skincare to help you create a smooth complexion and healthy glow that even the best makeup could never mimic.

Beauty you can trust

And with a clean beauty brand like Lion & Loki, you never need to worry about any harmful side effects of harsh preservatives, stabilizers, or synthetic fragrances. Unlike competing brands, Lion & Loki goes the extra mile to offer a 100% natural face oil that is packed with the richest blend of nourishing botanical extracts so your routine can stay pure like it ought to.

Your skin will love the unique face oil benefits of using Afterglow:

  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Soothes irritation and redness
  • Reduces signs of scarring and acne marks
  • Naturally-derived antioxidants delay signs of aging
  • Deeply penetrates skin for long-lasting hydration


The results are so noticeable, it’s common for those around Afterglow users to ask what they’re doing differently.

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