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April 08, 2019

5 Reasons Why Switching to Natural Skincare Is Worth It

Tell us if this sounds like you: You lead a healthy lifestyle. You tend to go out of your way to avoid junk food, you make an effort to shop for organic produce, and you try to be active to stay in good shape. You’re thinking of taking the first steps to adopting the same mentality with your beauty routine, but good natural skincare brands are harder to find compared to drugstore products,plus making the switch would require more of an investment.

Still, these reasons aren’t stopping you from moving forward- the one thing holding you back is the answer to a practical question: is it worth it?

Our answer? Absolutely.

While there are countless reasons why we believe shopping clean beauty is essential, here’s the ultimate reason to make the switch:  Your skin absorbs what you put on it. Some studies claim even as much as 60% of what you rub on your skin ends up in your body. Think of nicotine patches or birth control patches that work by making their way through the bloodstream after being generously absorbed by your skin. What makes you think that your skincare products are any different?

Switching to clean beauty products is an investment that will serve you in so many ways:

Your skin

Aggressive ingredients, found in common skincare brands can lead to concerns like skin irritation, an unbalanced pH, and blotchy redness. Thankfully, shopping clean beauty is one easy way to avoid these risks. Clean skincare products like Afterglow leave you with a healthier, glowing complexion. This 100% natural plant-based skincare oil will nourish your skin without those worrisome side effects.

Your health

If absorbed by your bloodstream, daily use of these toxic products can result in long term health issues like hormone disruption and even cancer if ingredients like parabens are featured in their formulas. Isn’t this reason enough to make shopping pure skincare a priority?

Your peace of mind

Your skin breathes through pores, which also serve as an entryway into the body. As we mentioned earlier, your skin has a high penetration rate,  and it’s not clear what percent of the ingredients that penetrate our skin are able to be absorbed by our bodies. So why take any chances?  Switching to clean beauty products is the safest choice.

Your time

No one wants toxins absorbing into their precious skin, but who has the time to learn aboutevery single ingredient to avoid?

Thankfully it’s 2019. We’re blessed with options. Instead of researching endless lists of questionable ingredients, the simplest option is to shop from natural brands you can trust. Just look for labels that indicate they’re clean (“Paraben free,” “silicone free,” and “SLS free” are some examples).

Your planet

Cruelty-free vegan beauty is the sustainable and ethical choice. Shopping clean will lessen the demand for the toxic ingredients used in drugstore skincare products so you can do your part to help stop polluting the planet. Lion & Loki is proud to be a go-to plant-based skincare brand for informed and ethical shoppers.

Shop clean beauty products.

Lion & Loki is easy & gentle on your skin while offering stimulating antioxidants like pomegranate seed, soothing properties from much-loved aloe vera, and skin-rejuvenating rosehip to firm up wrinkles and stimulate collagen production. Let Lion & Loki be your first step towards the path of clean skincare.

Think long term. Think Lion & Loki.

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