Skin's Most Important Attribute

Beauty News and Top Skincare Tips Oct 19 2018
Skin's Most Important Attribute

It Shows

I’ve sat here for five wholehearted minutes trying to think of a metaphor for skin and what happens to it without moisture. Beef jerky? A crunchy leaf? The Sahara desert? Key word “trying”, because nothing quite compares to the human skin. Not to mention, everyone’s skin is different, meaning dehydration shows up differently on all of us. Some get it in the form of flakiness, some in the form of fine lines, and some in the form of a gray dullness.

Have you ever seen someone walk into a room and they're absolutely glowing? As if the sun is beaming out of their face? If we’re being honest here, that’s probably a lot of work that they’ve put in to themselves on the inside (self healing/self confidence) (which is equally important!) but if you haven’t quite made it there yet in your self growth (or have and still want that extra boost on the outside) - say these three words very slowly with me: MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE.

New Age Skincare

I figured as the first post on Lion and Loki's blog, we would introduce the product, but equally important: explain WHY it is pertinent to your skins health! Lion and Loki's Afterglow is a blend of over 20 highly concentrated natural ils that penetrate the skin with intensive moisture.  You might be saying now (*que squeaky grandma voice*) “I’m just fine with my regular ol’ creamy moisturizer”. That’s great. But I’m going to rip off the bandaid real quick for you: you’re wrong. Any skincare routine should always involve some sort of serum or oil.

The way to do this is to first start with washing your face - washing will remove dirt as well as open the pores on your skin (usually warm water helps to open them).  This is the perfect time to put on your Lion and Loki afterglow. Each of the 20+ natural oils will sink into your pores creating a beautiful porcelain rubbery surface and protect the pores from any outside dirt. NOW back to your “regular ol’ creamy moisturizer”: Some moisturizers contain petroleum which actually BLOCKS moisture from getting in. You don’t want that as your first layer because then underneath the creamy moisturizer all you’re going to have is a dry surface. Hence, why we all need oil as our FIRST layer. Do your skin a favor and keep it hydrated. It will thank you with many compliments from those who see you the most - Your co-workers? Your boyfriend? (The check out person at Chipotle?)

Hello To Natural

As I begin the ending to the introduction of Lion and Loki, wherever you are reading this, a coffee shop? Study hall? In front of the bean selection at Chipotle? (Sorry I had to) I want you all to say it outloud with me: MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE.

Written by @camillefishel, a Communications major living in NYC

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